The Photoblog component is a gallery software written for Joomla! 1.5. Currently Photoblog is available as alpha version. So it is not recommended to use it on a productive website.

The name Photoblog is a little bit misleading, because the Photoblog component is more of a gallery than a blog software. I had chosen the name Photoblog, because I intended originally to develop a photo blog software, but however, plans could change...

If you are already using Joomla 2.5, maybe you are interested in the indirect successor of the Joomla Photoblog, my Joomla Gallery extension.


  • easy configuration
  • using RokBox
  • saving space with image labels
  • essential interface in frontend -> easy to use
  • clean and pleasant standard design
  • variable directory structure
  • fully translatable
  • search engine friendly URLs (router integrated)

New in alpha 2:

  • w3c valide code
  • advanced photo managment
  • FTP import function
  • basic bbcode
  • ordering for categories
  • no absolute path needed

New in alpha 3:

  • RokBox already integrated
  • better error handling
  • possibility to publish and unpublish categories, blogs, photographer, licenses and stacks
  • ordering for categories
  • adjustable size for RokBox (for example used for including wikipedia links)
  • framebreaker (useful for google image search)
  • javascript input validation in backend
  • hopefully a better usability :-)


Alpha 3a contains a security issue, which would be fixed in version alpha 3b. So don't use versions older than alpha 3b of the photoblog component!!!

(All features above are available in the alpha 3 of the photoblog component.)


You can see a live demo of the photoblog component at This site is only available in German. 

System Requirements

To run the Photoblog on your Joomla! installation you need following system requirements:

  • PHP 5
  • SafeMode Off
  • Apache webserver
  • MySQL 5
  • PCRE module

Maybe you are able to launch the component on other systems (e.g. running with MySQL 4), but I only tested this configuration and PHP 5 is absolutly necessary.


The photoblog component for Joomla! 1.5 is published under the GNU GPL v3 license. See for more details. 


Please have a look at the install notes or update notice below. See the section "Translations" for information about the available translations.

Install Notes

  1. Download and install Photoblog component from this site (see link above).
  2. Select "Component" and then "Photoblog" in your Joomla! backend.
  3. Create a category in the "Category Manager".
  4. Create optional Licenses in the "License Manager".
  5. Create a photographer in the "Photographer Manager".
  6. Add a menu item to "Photoblog (Home)" in the "Menu Item Manager".
  7. Go back to the "Component".
  8. Add a blog item in the "Blog Manager".
  9. Click on "Link" and add your images with the "Stack Manager".

Update Notice

  1. Backup your Joomla installation
  2. Uninstall the Photoblog component
  3. Install Photoblog update package


Translations of the Photoblog component are always welcome.

But there is something you should know: I plan to reorganize all language strings in the beta version of the component, so if you work at a translation in alpha status, you maybe have the double work later...

I think the best compromise is that the people, who like to translate the component should only translate the frontend. There are only between 5 and 10 strings, so it isn't to much work.

Currently there is a French translation for Photoblog alpha 2 available. Thanks to jycedo.


Currently there isn't support available for the Photoblog component. Please see the "Support and Contact" page for further information.

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